Student Learning Outcomes 

What are SLOs?
Student Learning Outcomes (SLO’s) are statements that specify what students will know, or be able to do, as a result of having completed a particular course/program/activity/project. These outcomes are often particular skills, knowledge, attitudes, or values. Yuba College has SLOs for specific courses, which are known as Course SLOs (CSLOs); for  specific programs, which are known as Program SlOs (PSLOs); and for the Yuba College campus as a whole, which are known as Institutional SLOs (ISLOs).
What is SLO Assessment?
SLOs are meant to support evidence-based decision-making, and, as such, assessment is a crucial component of the SLO process at Yuba College. The state and accrediting agencies, such as the ACCJC, expect that colleges use SLOs to develop and refine courses and programs. The assessment process and the appropriate review of the results give the faculty and administration a starting place to discuss how courses and programs can be improved to maximize student success.

What this SLO page provides:

This page is meant to be used: 1. By Yuba College faculty and staff, to facilitate the development of SLOs, to help guide assessment of SLOs, and to coordinate efforts to use SLO assessment data to improve the functioning of Yuba College programs and services. 2. By students, to get information on the learning offered in particular classes and programs 3. By the public, including employers and agencies that have an interest in gaining in-depth knowledge of the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values that Yuba College offers to students.

For Yuba College faculty and staff, this site provides:

Guidance on how to develop CSLOs; Guidance on developing and recording CSLO assessment methods; Guidance for developing and measuring PSLOs; Updated Yuba College policies for CSLOs and PSLOs; Information on ISLOs and how CSLOs and PSLOs are to be "mapped" onto ISLOs, and other information and services.

For students, this site provides:

Lists of SLOs for all courses and programs at Yuba College; Information on how SLOs are assessed, and data on Yuba College's success in achieving its  CSLOs, PSLOs, and ISLOs;

For the public, this site provides:

Comprehensive information on Yuba College's policies, procedures, and methods for defining, measuring, and improving student success.

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